Learn more about ODL Add-On Blinds for Doors, how to select the correct blinds unit for your door, and how to install your blinds with these short, informative videos.

Features & benefits

ODL Add-On Blinds for Doors provide light and privacy control with smooth fingertip adjustment to tilt and raise or lower the blinds. All while eliminating the banging, swinging, and dangling cords of traditional door blinds. Installation is easy, and the blinds never need dusting.

With blinds enclosed behind a layer of tempered safety glass, the cordless blinds design is safer for children and pets and energy efficiency is improved.

Selecting ODL Add-On Blinds for Doors

ODL Add-On Blinds for Doors are easy to install, since the Add-On Blinds unit installs right over your existing door glass. Selecting the right Add-On Blinds for your door is easy. The first step is to determine your door glass frame type. View these short videos to see examples of different door glass frame types.


DIY installation of your ODL Add-On Blinds for Doors is simple. And we make it even easier by providing these videos that will walk you through the process, step-by-step.